Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Years Resolutions

Yes, I was planning on doing this every day. Or at least once a week. But here it is, halfway into the month and I am just now getting around to it. What can I say, Life gets in the way. There's the decorations to bring down, my sons, home from college who even though they are adults still need lots of tlc. The house is a mess, I have a deadline that I'm way over on and the end is still not in sight. But I am making progress. Most of the decorations are put away, although I am afraid to move in the Christmas closet for fear of boxes falling on my head and breaking some of the things that I was too lazy to wrap up safely. I'm sure I'll regret it next December when I pull them out again. I have my taxes organized and I'm just waiting for my w-2's although I'm dreading hearing what the accountant has to say. The house is clean for the most part, except for my closet because my clothes rack fell on New Year's eve and even though it's back up (thanks Rob) I still haven't stacked everything back on the shelf.Somehow I manage to let all these little nagging jobs get in the way of my real job, which is writing. Isn't if funny how we let life manage us like that? It's almost as if the writing is a reward for getting everything else done when it should be my number one priority.Of course this book has been a problem from the start. It's about Zane, which should be enough said, because as we all know, Zane is a bit of a trouble maker, or as I say, he just likes to stir the pot...But I've found out that Zane has layers. He uses his charm to hide his real self. He has insecurities and secrets and each layer reveals a bit more about him. It's been a real learning experience. After writing Caleb's book, Forgive The Wind, which is coming in June, I thought, hey, this is easy, I've got this thing down to a science. I wrote the book in ten weeks time. But then again, Caleb wears his heart on his sleeve so it was easy to write about him because he's easy to know. Not Zane. He's probably laughing at me right now because I'm doing this instead of learning more about him. What a trouble maker. Maybe I need Jenny to give him another swat with the mop. Of course I've got him hooked up with a rather impetuous School Teacher who has a thing or two to teach him about life and love. I hope I get him done soon. I have another book to write....

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