Monday, October 31, 2005


There is nothing more gratifying in a writer's life than writing the words...The End. I got to write those late Friday night on Shooting Star, book two in my Colby Hodge Star series.

And I promise there is a happily ever after for Ruben and the love of his life Tess. Also more evil plotting from the Circe's, lots of spectacular flying on Ruben's part and of course, Shaun and Lilly show up to save the day.

It was a fun journey. Now I get to catch up on some emails and web stuff, clean my office and start the next book.

Once upon a time...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My week alone

Rob is out of town this week. So I've had the house to myself. Just me, Cody and Abby the cat and she's been banned from the house at night so I can get a full nights sleep. So what have I done this week?

Looked at million dollar homes with my girlfriend Debbie. It's parade of homes week and we always look at the most expensive ones. What was really cool about this $3 million dollar home(besides the fact it cost 3mil) is that I'll get to go back. It belongs to a friend of mine, Kelly. Her husband is an attorney so they can afford it. It's a gorgeous house. Wrote some.

After looking at million dollar homes I got depressed. Attention Hollywood. I want a new house so will someone make one of my books into a movie? Wrote some more. Hmmm, whats good for I want a new house funk?

Shopping! Got a really cool and long hairpiece for my warrior elf halloween costume (Legolass) I'll post some pics when I get them. Also got some dressy jeans and a nice top for a birthday party.

The rest of the week consisted of walking Cody, working out at the Y, ducking acorns in my backyard and lots and lots of writing. I've pulled a couple of all nighters this week. OH yeah, I also put on the new Black Eyed Pea's CD and danced like a wild woman throughout the house.

It's been a nice break. But Rob comes home tomorrow. I missed him. But I sure did get a lot of work done. Hmmmm. Think there's a connection there?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Since it's Wednesday and my schedule revolves around the TV I thought I'd blog about my favorite show, Lost. Rob and I quickly became addicted to it last year. I love the writing on the show and the fact that you can not figure out what is going to happen from week to week. The characters are strong and interesting and it's an edge of your seat drama every week.

So my question is, which Lost character would you like to be lost with? My choice is Sawyer. Of course Jack would be handy since he is a Doctor, Sayhid could probably figure a way off but Sawyer is just plain interesting.

So lets see your votes! Who would you like to be lost with? Just put it in the comment section.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I have not forgotten

I know most of my recent posts are about futuristics and my young adult books but I just wanted to let my historical fans that I have not forgotten about you. I am currently researching a colonial period historical. This would take place before the Revolutionary War and take place around a little know but historically important battle that happened in Point Pleasant WV.

Think Last Of The Mohichans, Follow The River, that type of story. The best part is the hero is Connor Duncan, who was the first Duncan to come to America. He becomes bondsman to a surveyor, meets a lovely young English lady named Carrie and the rest...well you pretty much know how it turns out.

I've got to get my ideas together and send them to my editor. I'm tentatively calling it Rising Wind.

Keep your fingers crossed. I'll let you know what happens.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Go see this movie. I loved it! Somehow I missed Firefly when it was on but I managed to see a few episodes on SCiFi channel and fell in love with the characters. Great dialogue, great action and a good story line. I highly recommend it.