Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Prison Break

The husband and I have gotten hooked on Prison Break. He likes the plot. I think Wentworth Miller is hot.

However, I am extremely frustrated with the writing on the show. Last night drove me crazy. The plot was so contrived that I was screaming at the TV.

So a word to the writers out there in Hollywood. We can only suspend belief for so long. We are not stupid but apparently your characters are.

And will you get those poor guys out of the joint so they can go after the real bad guys?

The husband is anxiously awaiting the return of 24. I think I'll just read a book instead.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Christmas rush

Decorating the house. This year I'm a bit more organized. I have realized lately that I have way too much stuff so my goal is to eliminate while pulling everything out.

Which should make life easier this year since I'm not getting any more stuff. The husband and I have decided not to buy each other anything this year because we spent so much money on the cruise. Plus my parents got us wood floors for Christmas which is kind of hard to wrap and put under a tree.

But I have realized a long time ago that I really don't care about the receiving It's the giving thats the best part of Christmas.

I always laugh when my aunt, who collects roosters protests that she has no place to put another rooster when we get her one.

Not my problem, I alway say. My problem was finding you the perfect gift. It's your problem where you put it.

As for me, I'm, looking forward to a problem free Christmas.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Yes I know I've been a blog slacker lately. Thanks everyone for reminding me.

So what's been going on? Cleaning windows, it's been way too long since I've done that. Getting the basement ready to paint since Josh's stuff is now gone. Getting wood floors tomorrow which means we'll be moving furniture around. Organizing Christmas stuff.

Went to see Goblet of Fire. I love HP and was not disappointed. I even have grown up roles in mind for Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. I'm wrting the book now.

Listening to the new nikelback cd Photograph which goes right along with the wip, Pheonix; Dark Star Rising. It's about Shaun and Lilly's children.

I've also worked up four historical proposals and one paranormal one. Keep your fingers crossed because the historicals are a continuation of my Wind series. All about Chase, Jacey, Fox and Faith. As soon as I know something I'll be sure to let you know.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm looking forward to having my boys at home and seeing some of their friends home from college.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Obsessing Orlando

i am at the very moment holding a hot off the press copy of Obsessing Orlando in my hands. I am really excited about this book because Romantic Times has given it 41/2 stars and a Top Pick which is the best you can get. I also have a 5 star review from the master reviewer, Harriet Klausner.

So if you've ever had a crush on a Hollywood Hottie, you need to look for this book in December.

Also be sure to enter my Orlando trivia contest. First prize is a Vera Bradley bag and an autographed copy of Obsessing Orlando.

Off to obsess over my brand new book!

Friday, November 11, 2005

In honor of Veterans Day


The following is a dedication I made to Tyler, a young man from our church who recently was posted in Iraq.


When we first came to Rural Hall Moravian eight years ago I became Sunday School teacher for the senior highs. I had taught the same age group at our former church and since both of my sons were of the age I felt as if I could relate well to that group.

The funny thing is, various people kept rolling their eyes and saying, oh, you’ll have Tyler in your class.

Yes I knew Tyler. I had known Tyler for years. We had done Scouts with him, Little League Baseball and WCCC Basketball. I had known Tyler for years.

But I didn’t know Tyler. The first few Sundays I soon learned all about Tyler.

I recall after the first mission trip that my oldest son Josh went on to Florida with Tyler. He thought he was a big stud. Kyle Kiser too, since they were football players at North Forsyth.

Tyler got all the girls on the trip.

When Drew went on a mission trip with Tyler to Memphis, he told me the story about Tyler’s rebellion. You see they weren’t allowed to remove their shirts in the 100 plus degree heat. Tyler took care of that. He took off his shirt and used the paint for the house to paint one on. Blue and white striped as I recall.

On Sunday mornings Tyler told all of us stories about his Saturday nights in High Point with the car guys. He told us about Tai Kwan Do. He showed up the video of his Black Belt test. He gave us Korean lessons. He also gave me some creative alternative words to use when I get a case of road rage.

He told us how good the Football game was on Friday night by how many drum heads he broke playing in the band. It didn’t matter what the score board said. If I recall we usually lost. All that mattered was how hard we played.

Sometimes I would give the class impossible physical challenges as examples. Tyler always managed to do them.

He also managed to distract me with the Kevin Bacon game, six degrees of separation. He even tried to stump me by using the guy in the Lewis and Daggett commercials. Robert Vaughn. Mag 7 with Steve McQueen, with Paul Newman in Towering Inferno with Tom Cruise in Color or Money, with Kevin Bacon in a few good men.

But he was also prepared for the lesson. Since Lynora also taught, they would discuss it before hand and he knew what to expect.

When Josh, Travis, Kyle and Audrey were talking about what college they were going too, Tyler informed us that he was going into the National Guard. It was hard
to imagine such exuberance in the military. But he went. He came back after basic and told us the story of saving a young man’s life. That part did not surprise me.

And we all got a kick out of the look he gave a young lady in our class when she asked him if it was hard to do basic training in his uniform. He was wearing his dress uniform that day. I don’t think she realized that he had more than one.

Tyler has excelled in the military in the past four years. He also got a college degree. He’s become a leader of men. And he’s been trained for war.

And now, while my son is beating the bushes trying to find a job, Tyler is going to go fight in a war. Tyler is going to defend our freedom to attend this church, and be able to come here in safety. Tyler is going to make sure that we can go about our daily lives without fear.

And knowing what I know about Tyler. He will be the first one in line to do it.

We had some bracelets made up with Tyler’s name on them. They’re for anyone here who wants one. They are to remind you to pray for Tyler, and to pray for his unit. But they are also to remind you to pray for Lynora, Jerry, Holly, Tom and Ashley, Tyler’s finance. Because even though Tyler will be in the thick of the fighting, the rest will be here waiting. And as everyone knows, waiting is the hardest part.

Good Luck Tyler. Stay Safe. And remember, we're all praying for you.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Only true Orlando Bloom fans will know the answer to these questions. The winner will be picked randomly from all the correct answers. The prize? A Vera Bradley Handbag and signed copy of Obsessing Orlando. Winner will be picked in January 06.

What does Orlando have tatooed below his navel?

What is Orlando's favorite soft drink?

In what film did Orlando play a boxer?

Who was Orlando's first crush?

What did Orlando's friends call him when he was growing up?

Send enteries to kassytayler@aol.com with the headline contest.

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cold Blooded Chipmunk Killers

Abby the cat is a murderer. But then again she's only doing what comes naturally. Cody the dog,on the other hand, is a torturer. Perhaps its a team effort. I just wish they would do it in reverse order and not leave the mess to me.

I let Cody out last night for his good night pottie run and noticed that he kept poking his nose in a certain spot in the yard. It was dark, our yard is covered with leaves and I was in my pj's so I wasn't in the mood to fool around. He wouldn't come in. He just kept hopping around, sticking his nose under the leaves, wagging his tail like he was having a great time. So I go and investigate.

Yup, small wounded critter. I think it was a baby chipmunk. In pretty bad shape. Bad Cody. Get away. I look around and notice Abby the cat on the deck railing looking rather smug.

"So this is your work," I said to her.

She looked way to smug. I run inside and get a paper towel. I don't want to touch it. It's got blood on it. I pick it up and it's still alive. Ahhhhh. It''s moving in my hand. And Cody is still nosing around on the ground. There's another one.

"Abby you are so bad. Chipmunks everywhere are cursing your name."

So I have two mortally wounded chipmunks that are still alive. I should put them out of their misery but I can't do it. I have visions of beating their brains out with a shovel. I can't do it. I just can't.

So I stick them in a drawer of this cabinet I have on the deck. I even put sunflower seeds in it. I figure the least I can do it let them die in peace.

And they did. But one of them hung on for a while. Yes I checked several times during the night.

Poor things. I buried them next to Tess, my kitty that died a few years back. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. maybe her kitty angel will chase their chipmunk angels. But then again, they might all just be snuggling together.

I like that idea.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I loved this movie. I went just to see Orlando, or course, but wound up forgetting that it was him I was watching. Which in my opinion makes a very good movie.

Elizabethtown is a wonderful journey about a young man discovering just exactly what is important in life. We all fall flat on our face at one time or another but when you have a great family the failure doesn't seem so bad.

Elizabethtown celebrates family and it celebrates life. It shows us how we should appreciate both more.

I highly recommend it.