Monday, November 28, 2005

The Christmas rush

Decorating the house. This year I'm a bit more organized. I have realized lately that I have way too much stuff so my goal is to eliminate while pulling everything out.

Which should make life easier this year since I'm not getting any more stuff. The husband and I have decided not to buy each other anything this year because we spent so much money on the cruise. Plus my parents got us wood floors for Christmas which is kind of hard to wrap and put under a tree.

But I have realized a long time ago that I really don't care about the receiving It's the giving thats the best part of Christmas.

I always laugh when my aunt, who collects roosters protests that she has no place to put another rooster when we get her one.

Not my problem, I alway say. My problem was finding you the perfect gift. It's your problem where you put it.

As for me, I'm, looking forward to a problem free Christmas.

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