Friday, July 27, 2007

Rising Wind will be released on Tuesday, July 31!

The Indians moved on and when she realized that her own group was safe she was overcome with a fit of trembling.
She could not control herself. She was so very tired. So very hungry. So very frightened. She felt the security of Connor’s arms as they came around her and she burrowed her head into his chest. Her hands clutched at his shirt as she moved closer, pressing her body against the length of his. She could not get close enough.
“Shush, mo cridhe,” he whispered. His lips touched the top of her head. “They are gone and we should be away whilst we know where they are.”
She didn’t want to move. She wanted to stay where she was, secure in his arms until this nightmare ended.
She could have remained in Williamsburg, safe with her uncle.
Safe and not knowing if her brother were alive or dead. Or if Connor were alive or dead. Would it have mattered to her then?
He rose, pulling her to her feet as if she weighed nothing. She looked up into his eyes, which were lost in the shadows created by the moonlight. His hand touched her cheek, his thumb moved under her eye and she realized there were tears. Then his hand cupped her chin and tilted her face up.
He was going to kiss her. The fear, the worry, the discomfort, all flew from her mind as her stomach churned with anticipation. The pad of his thumb moved across her lips, and they parted, ready…waiting…

Check out what reviewers have to say.

The strong personalities of the characters and the emotionally stirring plot, blended with heart stopping action, makes RISING WIND an enthralling story that held this reader spellbound until the very end.

Romance junkies 5 stars

For anyone, like me, who is a historical fiction nut, this book offers it all. From the early pages where Duncan’s father and mother meet untimely deaths, to his journey to the New World on a slave ship, this book maintains its historical integrity. Through the author’s representations of locations, events, and people – such as the Boston Tea Party, Daniel Boone and the Shawnee Indians – to the perfect accent that flows from the character’s mouths – the book is perfect. The Virgin Widow, Caroline Murray, is a great character, because although she is part of the elite, she is as trapped as Connor – serving her family’s goals and not her own. She’s funny, clumsy, and energetic, and, unlike a lot of romance novels, you actually believe that when they finally say they love each other – they really, really mean it.

Once Upon A Romance

RISING WIND is page after page of adventure and horrific encounters lived and relived. However, mixed with all the bad is a love destined to be discovered. And for the love of a woman, Connor is willing to die so Carrie can live. I couldn't put this book down once I started it. I highly recommend RISING WIND be added to your must-read list.
Fresh Fiction
The latest Wind Colonial romance is the best historical in the series as the audience will feel the danger while trekking the wilderness with the lead couple. The story line is action-packed and Carrie and Connor are wonderful heroes
Harriet Klausner
Rising Wind is my favorite of all the Wind books. The story is about Connor Duncan, the first Duncan to come to the colonies as a bond servant. It also features the Battle of Point Pleasant, a historically significant battle before the Revolutionary War. I grew up on the battlefield so this story was especially near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy Rising Wind.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

I win!

Just back from RWA where I was totally surprised to win the Prism for best Futuristic of 2006 for SHOOTING STAR! Woohoo! I was totally blown away when they announced my name since I was up against really stiff competition Susan Grant and Liz Maverick. So now I'm an award winning author and I'm reaaly excited about the release of Star Shadows coming in November.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I love seeing where I'd fit in. And I still love Lord Of The Rings.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The great kitten rescue

A few weeks back my neighbor called me over as I was out walking Cody. "Hey Cindy, I got some kittens for you," he said.

"I don't want any kittens. I'm going on vacation," I replied.

"But there are kittens under the dumpster." He pointed to the house under construction and sure enough, under the dumpster was an orange kitten. I put Cody up and went back to investigate with a can of cat food. Other neighbors saw us out and soon there were eight of us trying to wrangle two stray kittens from underneath the dumpster. One couple immediately named them Peaches and Patches and I was happy and relieved that the kittens had a home.

Until this past Sunday. 10 days after the kitten rescue. My neighbor Rita stops by. "Hey Cindy, there's another kitten over there.

Dang it! I immediately go and call "here kitty kitty and a tiny bag of bones sticks her nose out. I'm stuck. I don't want a kitten. I've got a dog and a cat. And this kitten was needy. But I also can't leave her so the next morning I take her to the vet. She's got parasites and she only weighs a pound and a half. I ask everyone there if they want her. Nope. I don't mind paying the vet bill but I don't want a kitten.

I bring her home and confine her to an upstairs bathroom because Cody is about to die.

Cody: Hey there's a kitten up there, did you know there's a kitten up there, hey, I want to see the kitten, let me see the kitten, I just want to lick it, can I see the kitten?

ME: No Cody. The kitten is fine. Let's leave her alone for a while. Translate that to let's let her figure out what a litter box is.

By Monday night I'm hooked. Tuesday I bought a pink sparkley collar. Today my skin looks like a pin claws...she thinks I'm a giant toy. Her name is Maddie and I guess I'm hooked.

unless someone wants a kitten....