Saturday, August 30, 2008

we have a winner!

The winner of the autographed set of Colby Hodge books and a set of autographed pictures of Chris Winters is!



The stuff will be in the mail as soon as I get her addy. Congrats Deidre.

Friday, August 22, 2008

more from NY NY

The best thing about being in NY was catching up with all my friends. Awesome writers Barb Ferrer and Alyssa Day were in town with their daughters and we met Marianne Mancusi and Liz Maverick at Sambuca's, home of the $30 meatball
Afterwards we walked past the Dakota into Central Park since I had never been there. Liz and Marianne both live on the upper West Side which I have to admit it rather nice. We picked up Marianne's dog Molly and took her for a walk and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
It was a whirlwind three day trip with family, friends, agent and publisher and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Later I'll post the official "results" of my trip.

I'm an innovator

Not this week. This week I'm the dog sitter.

You Are the Innovator

You're the type of person who is always a step ahead of everyone else.

You thrive when you're experimenting with new designs, ideas, and attitudes.

You are a creative person with many talents. You have to have artistic outlets in your life.

You need to create - whether it's writing furiously or redecorating your home. If not, your life becomes chaotic.

You tire of doing the same thing every day. You change your job, friends, and personal style often.

You are at your best when you have a focus. If not, you develop a flaky artist's temperament.

Monday, August 18, 2008

catch up

This is a catch up post. I admit it. I have every intention of blogging every day. I take my lap top with me so I can upload videos and pictures. Then I get extremely frustrated because of course nothing goes the way I want it too. So just to get everyone up to date.

I have finished Fallen. Yay! I turned it in the Monday before I left for nationals in San Francisco. The release date is Feb 09 and I'm waiting for the final on the artwork to post the cover. Its beautiful!

My next project is Breath Of Heaven. This is a medieval set story and I'm researching the period right now. I'm excited about this book. Many years ago I attempted to write a book and this was it. Needless to say it wound up in the trash and this time I am determined to do it right.

I've taken three weeks off to recoup from a horrendous year of deadlines and dealing with my dad's cancer. Dad is doing great and the books are turned in. So now I'm excited about some new projects and just waiting to hear from the publishers on what they want me to do next. I'm also sending out a new YA for consideration.

In the past month I've been to NYC, San Francisco and Ocean Isle NC. I will post pics soon, I hope. If I can get it to work. I also hope to recommend some great reads I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

I've also started a new group called Authors4animals. Join me at Help us raise money for different rescue groups. It's in the formative phase right now and I hope to have it rocking by RT09.

More will follow! I promise!

Monday, August 04, 2008

San Francisco, the trip out

RWA nationals were in San Francisco this year. Wow. Five days in San Fran. I couldn't wait. I made plans for sight seeing on Wednesday morning, prebought my tickets and wound up having not one, but two flights that had mechanical problems. I spent half the day Tuesday flying, spent six hours in the Nashville airport after being grounded, then had to fly to Philly the next day then on to San Francisco. The only good thing to come out of two straight days of airline hell was that I made a new friend. Cody! We were seated together on two flights and traded around so we could sit together on the last flight. We figured after going through all that trauma that we should hang together until the very end. Plus its much nicer to fall asleep on someone you sorta know instead of a complete stranger.