Monday, August 18, 2008

catch up

This is a catch up post. I admit it. I have every intention of blogging every day. I take my lap top with me so I can upload videos and pictures. Then I get extremely frustrated because of course nothing goes the way I want it too. So just to get everyone up to date.

I have finished Fallen. Yay! I turned it in the Monday before I left for nationals in San Francisco. The release date is Feb 09 and I'm waiting for the final on the artwork to post the cover. Its beautiful!

My next project is Breath Of Heaven. This is a medieval set story and I'm researching the period right now. I'm excited about this book. Many years ago I attempted to write a book and this was it. Needless to say it wound up in the trash and this time I am determined to do it right.

I've taken three weeks off to recoup from a horrendous year of deadlines and dealing with my dad's cancer. Dad is doing great and the books are turned in. So now I'm excited about some new projects and just waiting to hear from the publishers on what they want me to do next. I'm also sending out a new YA for consideration.

In the past month I've been to NYC, San Francisco and Ocean Isle NC. I will post pics soon, I hope. If I can get it to work. I also hope to recommend some great reads I've had the pleasure to enjoy.

I've also started a new group called Authors4animals. Join me at Help us raise money for different rescue groups. It's in the formative phase right now and I hope to have it rocking by RT09.

More will follow! I promise!

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