Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. We did, until the flu bug moved in on us. So far I've escaped its deadly trap. I'm working on getting the house back in order, tweaking Rising Wind and playing with my brand new Nano. Song I'm listening to at the moment is Masquerade by Basia. I'm loving it!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The tradition continues

The tenth annual ornament swap was held Sunday at our new house with thirteen participants. Food was eaten, lives were caught up with and ornaments were swapped. It's great to get together with friends that we only see once a year. It's too bad our lives are so busy that we can't get together more often. But until next was great seeing everyone and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

a good reason not to do drugs

I'm spending way to much time on the computer. Trying to finish up Rising Wind and this is what distracts me.

Christmas Shopping

Need a neat idea for a gift? Check out for really cool phone covers, etc. They come in all kinds of versions for your favorite movie, sports or pretty much whatever you want. Off to do some shopping!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Release Day

Today is release day for Shooting Star. It seems like it got here before I realized it. Maybe it just got lost in the Christmas rush. But anyway, its here! Yay!

This is by far my favorite cover. It's also my first sorta clinch cover. And even though Tess's hair is the wrong color I love it.

I'll be signing this Saturday at Borders in North Lakes Mall, Charlotte NC and next Thursday at the Fabulous New Beginnings gift shop in Rural Hall NC so if you're in the area drop by and see me.

Also giving away a great computer bag from Coldwater Creek as a contest. Drop by the website to enter

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Thanksgiving is just a few days away and already my mind is in the holiday zone. Could it be because I already have my tree up? Or the Christmas CD that my niece gave me that really rocks? Or the fact that my office is covered up with wrapping paper and empty boxes and shopping bags and bows that have seen way too many Christmas mornings?

Maybe it's the wind that's howling outside and the rain thats beating against my window. I wish it was snow. But only if I already was in posession of the knee high boots and long coat that I'm supposedly getting from Lands End this year. (Actually I know I'm getting it because I ordered it myself)

All I know is Christmas is in the air. We're excited because we have a new house to experience it in. But as I go through my boxes of decorations and think of what to put where I ask myself this simple question.

How many ceramic snowmen does one person really need?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh no!

Brittany and K-fed are over. What ever will we do? All I can say is its about time. On the other hand I am a bit upset about Ryan and Reese. It really seemed as if they tried to make it.

Do you think that perhaps the reasons why celebrity marriages don't work is because they're so used to having everything they want that they don't know what it is to work for something. And I'm not talking about celebritys that stuggled to get where they are. I'm talking about the ones who make it big while they're young and have everything handed to them on a platter.

It seems like a lot of them are searching for something. Maybe they should stop looking and appreciate whats right in front of them.

Like Ryan.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm so excited!

Just have to share about a new book I'm anxiously awaiting the release of. Check out this mini-movie on youtube about Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day

Can't wait to read it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Catch up

Yes I've been slacking off on the blog. But lots of things have been going on. So I'm going to play catch up now. While in New York a few weeks back I also attended the New Jersey Romance Writers conference. What a great chapter! I loved it and realized that no matter how many books you write you can still learn something new. Thanks to Virginia Kantra who inspired me to spend all of my down time writing. Also got to see my wonderful friends and make some new ones.

Here I am with the lovely Michelle Cunnah, my roomie for the weekend, Alesia Holliday and Caridad Ferrer. And yes Caridad gives awesome karaoke. Donna Summer will never be the same for me after hearing her rendention of Last Dance.

Also want to give a shout out to my new friends Cate and Rebecca! I can't wait until we're all together again.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I heart new york

I'm back from my day in the city. Someday I'm going to do this when I have time to enjoy it. I had a whirlwind day. Lunch with my agent at 1:30 a meeting with a publisist at 3:00 and a meeting with my agent at 5:00

Then it was on to dinner with some writer friends at a quaint little speak easy left over from prohibition called Chumleys. The dinner was fab and I even saw an actor although I was the only one that recognized Jay Q. Sanders.

Then we roamed the streets of Greenwich Village looking for desert. And boy did we find it.

Pictured from left to right is my writer friends Marianne Mancusi, Liz Maverick and Jade Lee. We all got something different and tasted everything.

And this is what it looked like when we were done

I don't remember the name, nor can I prounouce it but here's the sign. The address is 305 Bleeker St if you want to give it a try.
All I can say is its on my list of things to do next time I go back.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've been very busy working on Rising Wind, the story of Connor Duncan. I'm really excited about this story and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Also leaving for New York tomorrow to spend a day with my editor than it's on to the NJRW conference to learn about writing and to see my wonderful writer friends. I'll post pictures when I get back

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bring me Shrubbery

No, I'm not one of the Knights Who Say Nit? (sp?) I'm just trying to landscape. We negotiated the price of our house down but we did have to make some sacrifices on what was included. The builder has this plan for deluxe Buena Vista landscaping (I have no idea what that is) so we cut that out. Hey, we can dig holes and shake out pine needles. We're not helpless. The big problem is, deciding what to put where. I had this great idea to put rhododendrums across the front. Bad mistake. They could not take the hot sun that bounced off our driveway. See the picture below to see how they curled up and died. Lesson learned. So we went down to visit the local greenhouse. Luckily the nice man that owned it decided to run by our house and was full of suggestions One of the perks of living in a small town. So we've got Inidan Hawthorne and Loribellum (sp?) and crepe myrtles and liriope and days lillies and roses and will hopefully finish up this weekend with two Foster Hollies. And for a lot less than Buena Vista cost. There's a lot to be said for doing it yourself. Time to go shake out some pine needles.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Autumn will be here at 12:04 Saturday morning. And I can't wait. I love fall. I love the blaze of colors, I love the crispness of the air, I love sweaters, jeans and boots. I also love Karma. The book I'm writing now, Rising Wind begins in the spring but ends in the fall. So I'm excited about being able to capture just the right details as my characters, Connor and Carrie escape from the Shawnee through the wilds of Ohio and West Virginia, 1774. Fall.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

anxiously awaiting

It's not that I'm a hurricane junkie or anything like that. But Ernesto is coming my way and I'm looking forward to it. Because of the rain. I can't remember the last rainy day we had.

There's something about hearing the rain pounding on the roof and knowing that I'm safe and dry that gives me a great feeling of contentment. I love hearing thunder rumble off in the distance and knowing that a storm is coming. I also enjoy rainy mornings, but only if I don't have to get up early.

And rainy Sunday afternoons. There's nothing like watching a football game on TV while it pours outside.

I guess I've just been missing the rain. It's not like I want it to rain every day. But I am looking forward to the next few days of rain. And hopefully some cooler weather.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm back

At last I feel like life is back to normal or as normal as it can be after the wild summer we've had. As previously mentioned we moved into a new house (don't ask about the move)

I'm planting flowers tomorrow.
And this is my favorite part. I call him Rufus. He lives over my stove. He was my one extravagance when deciding what to put in the house.

So we have a gorgeous view of Pilot Mountain and I have three windows in my office. I'll post pictures of that as soon as I get the boxes unpacked. Which will happen as soon as I get Phoenix and the next book done.

Don't hold your breath!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I have been blogflogged. My friend Alesia Holliday pointed out to me that I have not posted in two months. And she is right, I haven't. But there has been so much going on.
But I promise to bring everyone up to date with all the news.

The first being my brand new web site. I'm excited about it because I did it myself. I still have a few kinks to work out, like the mailing list issues but I feel at least now like I know what I'm doing. Please pay it a visit at and let me know what you think.

More updates and pictures will be coming soon.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Yes I know it's been while since my webpage has been updated. And I've been meaning to get around to that, along with everything else.

But I have this deadline you see. One that's way back in the past. And another one coming up in November.

What is it about deadlines that sap all the creative juices from the body? It's as if as soon as I realize the book must be done the mind rebels. I don't want to write! I want to shop on-line. I want to read emails. I want to surf the net! I want to play games!

Must stay on track! NO NO NO!

Now we have this moving thing going on. Yes, we've bought a new house and yes I have my very own office with a window. And a very large house payment. Which means I better get the books written so I can get paid.

But I have all this packing to do. And a deadline for moving.

I want to watch a movie. I want to go shopping. I want to hang out with my friends.

Must stay on track! No NO NO!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes I love Baseball

I love baseball. It could be because my entire life has pretty much been about baseball. My dad played in the pro's. My husband played on three teams the year we got married. Both of my son's played since T-ball. I think I have probably spent half my live on the baseball field. But now I'm really excited about the game. This is Gib. He got drafted by the Giants! He's in the freakin majors! He left this morning for AZ and then he's off to Oregon to play.

Drew was Gib's catcher in high school. They were undefeated when they worked together. They are also buds off the field too. Not only that but Gib's parents are some of our dearest friends. We've known them since the boys were in kindergarten. That's a long time in baseball years.

It takes an amazing amount of talent to take you to the next level. But it also takes an amazing amount of dedication to the game. You have to want it but you also have to work for it. Gib has sucessfully met each challenge that came his way in making himself a better pitcher and elevating his game. He had his eye on a goal and he went for it and made his dream come true. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be in the show soon and we will be cheering him on. Geee-hob!

Now I must watch Bull Durham. And Major League. And all those other wonderful baseball movies. After that I will probably work on my baseball story, Blocking The Plate.

Woohoo Gib. Go Giants!

Monday, May 29, 2006


After spending a week catching up I can finally post about the wonderful Romantic Times convention that was held in Daytona Beach. What a great time! First of all I made some new friends. Thats me with Alesia Holliday, Barb Ferrer and Eileen Rendahl who kept me laughing every second I was with her.

And here I am with the gorgeous Bill Freda, Cover Model and actor who is the inspiration for Caleb in Forgive The Wind.

For the Fairy Ball the incredibly awesome Alesia went as
the Death Fairy (I wouldn't mess with her or her weapon
The Adorable Marianne Mancusi went as the Goth Fairy and
I was, you guessed it, Mrs. Legolas Greenleaf.

Then there was dancing. Here's Eileen, Gerri Russell, American Title Winner, Alesia and the sweet and beautiful Janice Lynn dancing at the Dorchester Rock and Roll party.

And my hot and wonderful son Josh who went along and was a good sport about everything.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shooting Star

This is the cover for my December book, Shooting Star. Don't you just love it?
The following is the teaser.

Fast-talking, hard-hitting, devil-may-care, Ruben could outmaneuver anyone who sought to attack him, charm any he chose to befriend. At the helm of his star ship he was invincible; when driving a hard bargain, unbeatable; in the bedroom of a beautiful woman, unstoppable. But the secrets of Ruben’s past were about to catch up with him and put everything he thought he knew about himself to the test. Now his ship had crash-landed on a primitive world, the voice of his long-lost brother whispering in his mind was causing him to question his sanity, and a mysterious beauty had cut through all his defenses to the lonely man beneath. In Tess’s arms he would find his true self, igniting a love that blazed through the night like a…


“Talented Colby Hodge delivers space adventure at a breathtaking clip!”
— New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Grant

I think this is my favorite cover so far. It really depicts the feel of the book. And Tess's hair is brown in the book but I like the looks of this so much I think I'll just stick with it.

So what do you think of it? Please let me know

Monday, April 17, 2006


My kitchen is full of pies. We had Easter dinner here and everyone brought pies. We had cherry pie(my favorite) strawberry pie and pecan pie. And cream broule. And I made a cake. That I served with more strawberries. Needless to say it was one of those we ain't leaving til we're heaving meals. Have I mentioned that's my family creedo?

It was a great day. Church was wonderful, the weather was awesome, the boys came home, my parents came, my aunt and my cousins. We sat on the deck and let the children play in the hot tub and just enjoyed each others company.

It's nice when we can take time out of our busy schedules just to be together. And it's nice when we get together than we can just be together and have fun.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.

Back to work. After I eat some pie.


A very brave soul died last week. Her name was Brooke and she was 24 years old. Brooke died after fighting a life long battle with Cystic Fibrosis. She also accomplished more in her 24 years than a lot of people do in a lifetime. Not only did Brooke graduate from high school, but she graduated from the Univeristy of North Carolina with a double major while awaiting a heart/lung transplant. She was able to be in her sister's wedding after receiving her transplant.

Brooke had a wonderful family that supported her and gave her a wonderful life. She had a brother, Josh, who courageously gave her a kidney when she needed it so she could have another heart/lung transplant after the first one failed. Unfortunately she didn't have enough time to wait for an organ donor. She had to go on.

But she left behind a wonderful legacy and a family full of love that fought a hard battle for many years.

Rest in Peace Brooke. You will be missed but your memory will go on. There are several who will never forget you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Country Girls

You just got to love country girls. There's nothing like them. They tell it like it is and even when they're telling you off they sugar coat it so much that you have to like it. And they don't care a bit what someone thinks about them. As long as their loved ones are happy the rest of the world can take a flying leap, Bless their hearts.

Take my new friend whom I'll call RaRa. She's in my workout group and we all have nicknames. Mine is CH by the way. Today we went to work out and the house where we go was locked. RaRa had to go. Bad.

So I go poke around the hundred or so doors this place has (it belongs to one of the girls in our group and she's on vacation. Big house. Big price tag) trying to find one unlocked since we're supposed to be able to get in. When I get back to report everything locked up tighter than a tick I see a puddle in front of my car.

RaRa went in the driveway between my car and the garage door in a neighborhood with million dollar price tags. She didn't care. She had to go.

Got to love those country girls. And after that someone showed up with the key. I waited until I got inside, bless my heart.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lunges and other torture

The first of the year I posted about my new workout ethic and the king of torture, Steve, also known as The Workout Doctor. Well I have seen results. While I've only lost ten lbs on the scales I have gone down two sizes in clothes so the inches are coming off.

I also have muscles now. Big ones in my arms that curve and bulge. I haven't reached pro-wrestler status yet but I am proud of them. No more flapping in the breeze! Also muscles in my thighs and much skinnier calves.

I have a long way to go but I have changed my life in that working out is a part my routine. I do it a miniumun of three days a week and try for five.

My next challenge. Belly Dancing. The Y has just about everything!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


For my historical fans. My publisher has just bought my story Rising Wind. This is the story of the first Duncan to come to America as a bondservant and takes place around the historic battle of Point Pleasant. I am so excited to get to write this story since it's been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. Look for its release sometime in 07.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

I just spent a wonderfully productive weekend with the multitalented and directionally challenged Alesia Holliday.

We went to Smith Mountain Lake in VA where the weather was perfect and the view gorgeous. We plotted stories, watched movies and ate way to much. And it is so wonderful to have a friend that likes the same pizza toppings, ice cream flavors and thinks Serenity is the best movie ever. Plus she had me laughing until it hurt while working on her page proofs for her next release Seven Ways. A book with an ugly dog named Lulu, out of control citrus juicers and random cornfields in the mid-west.

If you like funny then pick up a copy of Alesia's American Idle and Nice Girls Finish First. Also can't wait to read my personally autographed copy of Blondes Have More Felons her first mystery in a three book series.

Then there's her Paranormal Atlantis series, coming next year written under the pen name Alyssa Day. Can't Wait, Can't Wait. Can't Wait.

And Alesia, remember you have to go East to get home.

Monday, March 20, 2006

House Dreaming

The husband and I went out to look at some open houses yesterday. Just kind of looking, getting a feel for the market. Figuring out exactly what we want. I don't think he realized how much trouble he was getting into when he suggested it.

We drove out into the county to this brand new development I had found last fall. I recalled liking the house but wasn't sure it is would work for us. We walked in and found some friends of ours and we at once started talking and carrying on. I'm sure the realtor thought we were insane as we talked about being neighbors and crazy things.

As I remembered the house was okay but not what I wanted. However our friends loved it. There was another house for sale down the street (the only two done) and I wanted to look at it. My friend said she didn't like it but I should go look.

I loved it. I walked through the door and said Wow. Everything about it was just perfect for us. Perfect. Except the price of course but still I could see our furniture in it, it has a loft that would make a really cool office for me and tons of storage, a beautiful yard with a view, awesome master bath. Loved it. Husband had some concerns but he could see it.

I came home and said if it's meant to be it will happen. Left it in God's hands.

Earl, the real estate guy just called. It seems the builder just reduced the price on the first house by $30,000. Thinks the other builder will follow suit.

If it's meant to be it will happen.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Toby Keith

My friend had extra tickets to Toby keith and since I was feeling wild and impetuous and since my if it aint country don't bother son was coming in for a visit we decided to go. This was first class too, dinner at my friends before hand, a private bus to pick us up and drop us off and seats in a private box. As Toby says, "Let's talk about me me me me."

And yes, I'm losing the hat.

Drew with Jennifer and Amanda, friends from high school who were also home on Spring Break. He says I spoiled him. I say anything for you baby, just shave off that beard!

Signs of Spring

Spring has arrived in NC. Past few days have been in the eighties. I planted pansies today and my jonquils are up and smiling.

Cody seems to enjoy it too. He drags me outside every chance he gets. It's hard to get any work done when spring is calling.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

As promised here is the cover for Whirlwind. This is Zane's story and a September release. Do you love it? Please let me know.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Stargazer has been nominated for the Pearl award which is a paranormal readers choice award. Once again I am thrilled to be a finalist in this awesome contest.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

and we have a winner

Congratulations to Jessica Ward of Talbott TN who won the Vera Bradley bag and a signed copy of Obsessing Orlando. Her name was drawn from all the entries.

Thanks everyone for entering. Hopefully I'll get creative and have another contest soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Just got the back cover copy for Whirlwind from the publisher.

As the last remaining bachelor among all his friends, Zane Brody could always be counted on for incessant high jinks, indiscriminant womanizing, and irresistible charm. So as he set out for New York to retrieve a valuable thoroughbred mare to Laramie, he had no doubt he could handle any female he encountered, whether equine or human. What he didn’t reckon on was an infernal goat called Lucifer and an independent-minded schoolteacher named Mary Dunleavy. The goat butted him off the train and ate his hat, while the woman batted her eyelashes and appropriated his heart. As Mary took off across the plains on Diamond Glory, Zane found his head spinning, his certainties overturned, and his love life in a…

Looking for the cover to arrive soon. Can't wait to see what Zane looks like.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Down with automated answering systems.

Tired of talking to machines and punching in numbers? Here's list of major corporations and the way to get to a real person.

Power to the people!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Tristan and Isolde

Romance is not dead. It's at the movies. if you want a truly romantic movie that will make you sigh then please go see this. I was totally enraptured, especially since I've been plotting a medievel love story titled Breath Of Heaven.

for info on the legend go here.

for info on the movie go here

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Some more great news

Forgive The Wind has finaled in the Lauries, a contest put on by the Smokey Mountain Chapter of Romance Writers and judged by booksellers.

I am thrilled to be a finalist in such a prestigious contest. And it's always fantastic when a bookseller loves your book.

Winners will be announced sometime this spring.
I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I can't move

I worked out with a personal trainer today. Steve. Steve who lives to torture people. Steve who kep talking about beach bodies and great legs that would stop traffic.

The only way my legs will stop traffic is because I couldn't feel them. And I had to drive home. Numb legs could possibly lead to a wreck.

Steve laughed as he picked up to twenty pound weights, threw them on his shoulder and said lets do the stairs....five times.

It was a two story house. With a circular stair case. I think I died for a moment there. Steve seemed concerned when I stopped breathing. Did I mention that we did the stairs after we did lunges and lifts and worked all those thigh muscles?

I, however, killed him on ab work. I can do sit ups all day long. Just don't ask me to walk anywhere right now.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another new year

I have to admit I've been lazy. But I also thoroughly enjoyed the holidays. The story I am working on is pretty dark and I just didn't want to be in that frame of mind during December.

But the new year is here. Time to make resolutions. Time to get busy. Time for another burst of optimism and assurance that anything is possible.

I've got lots of ideas for stories churning around in my head. I hope to get a few of them down.

I plan to revamp my web site and hopefully get all of my covers to show up here on the blog.

I am going to continue the purge of my house. And I'm actually doing a pretty good job of it.

And the usual, I will lose twenty pounds. Just as soon as I finish this bag of m&m's