Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes I love Baseball

I love baseball. It could be because my entire life has pretty much been about baseball. My dad played in the pro's. My husband played on three teams the year we got married. Both of my son's played since T-ball. I think I have probably spent half my live on the baseball field. But now I'm really excited about the game. This is Gib. He got drafted by the Giants! He's in the freakin majors! He left this morning for AZ and then he's off to Oregon to play.

Drew was Gib's catcher in high school. They were undefeated when they worked together. They are also buds off the field too. Not only that but Gib's parents are some of our dearest friends. We've known them since the boys were in kindergarten. That's a long time in baseball years.

It takes an amazing amount of talent to take you to the next level. But it also takes an amazing amount of dedication to the game. You have to want it but you also have to work for it. Gib has sucessfully met each challenge that came his way in making himself a better pitcher and elevating his game. He had his eye on a goal and he went for it and made his dream come true. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be in the show soon and we will be cheering him on. Geee-hob!

Now I must watch Bull Durham. And Major League. And all those other wonderful baseball movies. After that I will probably work on my baseball story, Blocking The Plate.

Woohoo Gib. Go Giants!


Sonja said...

Hooray for Gib!

I like baseball too, but only if I get to sit in right field and heckle the outfielders. And only if the home team's white pants are super tight.

Mmm, baseball pants.

AND I wanted to tell you I loved Obsessing Orlando. I wish you'd been writing that stuff when I was 12 or 13! I would have devoured it. So now I'm just reliving the nicer portions of my pre-teen years through your book and it's all good. :-)

Cindy Holby said...

Thanks Sonja. keep your fingers crossed for Kristen Chronicles pus I have a sequel for OO called Just Another Jessica.

And yep, Gib wears those tight white pants. And he looks good in them.