Monday, May 29, 2006


After spending a week catching up I can finally post about the wonderful Romantic Times convention that was held in Daytona Beach. What a great time! First of all I made some new friends. Thats me with Alesia Holliday, Barb Ferrer and Eileen Rendahl who kept me laughing every second I was with her.

And here I am with the gorgeous Bill Freda, Cover Model and actor who is the inspiration for Caleb in Forgive The Wind.

For the Fairy Ball the incredibly awesome Alesia went as
the Death Fairy (I wouldn't mess with her or her weapon
The Adorable Marianne Mancusi went as the Goth Fairy and
I was, you guessed it, Mrs. Legolas Greenleaf.

Then there was dancing. Here's Eileen, Gerri Russell, American Title Winner, Alesia and the sweet and beautiful Janice Lynn dancing at the Dorchester Rock and Roll party.

And my hot and wonderful son Josh who went along and was a good sport about everything.

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