Monday, June 19, 2006


Yes I know it's been while since my webpage has been updated. And I've been meaning to get around to that, along with everything else.

But I have this deadline you see. One that's way back in the past. And another one coming up in November.

What is it about deadlines that sap all the creative juices from the body? It's as if as soon as I realize the book must be done the mind rebels. I don't want to write! I want to shop on-line. I want to read emails. I want to surf the net! I want to play games!

Must stay on track! NO NO NO!

Now we have this moving thing going on. Yes, we've bought a new house and yes I have my very own office with a window. And a very large house payment. Which means I better get the books written so I can get paid.

But I have all this packing to do. And a deadline for moving.

I want to watch a movie. I want to go shopping. I want to hang out with my friends.

Must stay on track! No NO NO!


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