Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Just got the back cover copy for Whirlwind from the publisher.

As the last remaining bachelor among all his friends, Zane Brody could always be counted on for incessant high jinks, indiscriminant womanizing, and irresistible charm. So as he set out for New York to retrieve a valuable thoroughbred mare to Laramie, he had no doubt he could handle any female he encountered, whether equine or human. What he didn’t reckon on was an infernal goat called Lucifer and an independent-minded schoolteacher named Mary Dunleavy. The goat butted him off the train and ate his hat, while the woman batted her eyelashes and appropriated his heart. As Mary took off across the plains on Diamond Glory, Zane found his head spinning, his certainties overturned, and his love life in a…

Looking for the cover to arrive soon. Can't wait to see what Zane looks like.

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