Monday, April 03, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

I just spent a wonderfully productive weekend with the multitalented and directionally challenged Alesia Holliday.

We went to Smith Mountain Lake in VA where the weather was perfect and the view gorgeous. We plotted stories, watched movies and ate way to much. And it is so wonderful to have a friend that likes the same pizza toppings, ice cream flavors and thinks Serenity is the best movie ever. Plus she had me laughing until it hurt while working on her page proofs for her next release Seven Ways. A book with an ugly dog named Lulu, out of control citrus juicers and random cornfields in the mid-west.

If you like funny then pick up a copy of Alesia's American Idle and Nice Girls Finish First. Also can't wait to read my personally autographed copy of Blondes Have More Felons her first mystery in a three book series.

Then there's her Paranormal Atlantis series, coming next year written under the pen name Alyssa Day. Can't Wait, Can't Wait. Can't Wait.

And Alesia, remember you have to go East to get home.

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Alesia said...

It's hard to make a snarky response after such nice comments . . . and, yes, I went East. LOL. The 330 mile drive was only 240 on the way home - go figure.
Be nice, or I'll tell the "sitting on a rock" story.
Alesia, who has blackmail material