Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Country Girls

You just got to love country girls. There's nothing like them. They tell it like it is and even when they're telling you off they sugar coat it so much that you have to like it. And they don't care a bit what someone thinks about them. As long as their loved ones are happy the rest of the world can take a flying leap, Bless their hearts.

Take my new friend whom I'll call RaRa. She's in my workout group and we all have nicknames. Mine is CH by the way. Today we went to work out and the house where we go was locked. RaRa had to go. Bad.

So I go poke around the hundred or so doors this place has (it belongs to one of the girls in our group and she's on vacation. Big house. Big price tag) trying to find one unlocked since we're supposed to be able to get in. When I get back to report everything locked up tighter than a tick I see a puddle in front of my car.

RaRa went in the driveway between my car and the garage door in a neighborhood with million dollar price tags. She didn't care. She had to go.

Got to love those country girls. And after that someone showed up with the key. I waited until I got inside, bless my heart.

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robin said...

That's right...when you got to go you gotta go!! lol...i had to pee gimmie a! see you soon! -RaRa