Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Thanksgiving is just a few days away and already my mind is in the holiday zone. Could it be because I already have my tree up? Or the Christmas CD that my niece gave me that really rocks? Or the fact that my office is covered up with wrapping paper and empty boxes and shopping bags and bows that have seen way too many Christmas mornings?

Maybe it's the wind that's howling outside and the rain thats beating against my window. I wish it was snow. But only if I already was in posession of the knee high boots and long coat that I'm supposedly getting from Lands End this year. (Actually I know I'm getting it because I ordered it myself)

All I know is Christmas is in the air. We're excited because we have a new house to experience it in. But as I go through my boxes of decorations and think of what to put where I ask myself this simple question.

How many ceramic snowmen does one person really need?

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