Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cold Blooded Chipmunk Killers

Abby the cat is a murderer. But then again she's only doing what comes naturally. Cody the dog,on the other hand, is a torturer. Perhaps its a team effort. I just wish they would do it in reverse order and not leave the mess to me.

I let Cody out last night for his good night pottie run and noticed that he kept poking his nose in a certain spot in the yard. It was dark, our yard is covered with leaves and I was in my pj's so I wasn't in the mood to fool around. He wouldn't come in. He just kept hopping around, sticking his nose under the leaves, wagging his tail like he was having a great time. So I go and investigate.

Yup, small wounded critter. I think it was a baby chipmunk. In pretty bad shape. Bad Cody. Get away. I look around and notice Abby the cat on the deck railing looking rather smug.

"So this is your work," I said to her.

She looked way to smug. I run inside and get a paper towel. I don't want to touch it. It's got blood on it. I pick it up and it's still alive. Ahhhhh. It''s moving in my hand. And Cody is still nosing around on the ground. There's another one.

"Abby you are so bad. Chipmunks everywhere are cursing your name."

So I have two mortally wounded chipmunks that are still alive. I should put them out of their misery but I can't do it. I have visions of beating their brains out with a shovel. I can't do it. I just can't.

So I stick them in a drawer of this cabinet I have on the deck. I even put sunflower seeds in it. I figure the least I can do it let them die in peace.

And they did. But one of them hung on for a while. Yes I checked several times during the night.

Poor things. I buried them next to Tess, my kitty that died a few years back. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. maybe her kitty angel will chase their chipmunk angels. But then again, they might all just be snuggling together.

I like that idea.

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