Thursday, October 20, 2005

My week alone

Rob is out of town this week. So I've had the house to myself. Just me, Cody and Abby the cat and she's been banned from the house at night so I can get a full nights sleep. So what have I done this week?

Looked at million dollar homes with my girlfriend Debbie. It's parade of homes week and we always look at the most expensive ones. What was really cool about this $3 million dollar home(besides the fact it cost 3mil) is that I'll get to go back. It belongs to a friend of mine, Kelly. Her husband is an attorney so they can afford it. It's a gorgeous house. Wrote some.

After looking at million dollar homes I got depressed. Attention Hollywood. I want a new house so will someone make one of my books into a movie? Wrote some more. Hmmm, whats good for I want a new house funk?

Shopping! Got a really cool and long hairpiece for my warrior elf halloween costume (Legolass) I'll post some pics when I get them. Also got some dressy jeans and a nice top for a birthday party.

The rest of the week consisted of walking Cody, working out at the Y, ducking acorns in my backyard and lots and lots of writing. I've pulled a couple of all nighters this week. OH yeah, I also put on the new Black Eyed Pea's CD and danced like a wild woman throughout the house.

It's been a nice break. But Rob comes home tomorrow. I missed him. But I sure did get a lot of work done. Hmmmm. Think there's a connection there?

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flysmom said...

awwwwww.....your kitty is so cute!! :o)