Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recommended Read

I just read a book called The Silver Spoon for a quote. It's kind of a Starman, V type story with a really sweet hero name Caelen and a feisty heroine named Zara. I loved it.

Here's my quote. "A fantastic story that captures you from page one. I loved it." Colby Hodge

You can get it here at echelon press

Aliens Among Us
Zara Mitchell's nightmares began when the Observers landed. These strangely vivid visions still haunt her nightly and leave her terrified of the silver-eyed visitors and their true intentions. When one of the eerily beautiful beings shows up at her diner with the local sheriff, her world changes forever. The Observer insists that she come with him. He claims her life is in danger. But can he be trusted?

A Prophecy Fulfilled
After two years, Caelan's search is finally over. He's found her, the human female from the prophecy. She is the one thing he recognizes from his life before Earth. His only link to the truth. Now all he has to do is keep her alive long enough to find the clues to a past he can't remember and a future she fears.

Even if you're not into scifi romance, I still recommend it as just a great read.

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