Monday, September 24, 2007

Rufus Sewell

I've decided to start posting pictures of hunks. Because its fun! My first hottie is Rufus Sewell. I've seen him in countless movies and he's always played the bad guy. I wanted to see him in something romantic and finally saw A Dangerous Beauty last week. I don't know how I missed this movie since it was made ten years ago but I finally ordered it on netflix and was totally enthralled. I kept expecting Rufus to be a jerk since that's what he usually plays and was thrilled that he turned out to be a hero. He does period pieces and costumes well and he was totally sympathetic as Marke in Tristan and Isolde. And loved to hate him in A Knights Tale. If anyone has got recommendations for other movies featuring Rufus Sewell I've love to see them


Sofi said...

In Dark City he's got a positive role. It's not a romantic movie... It's a dark futuristic one. But it's great.
And yeah, Rufus is HOT.

Vassilisa said...

Hi! Hope you don't mind me barging in like this, especially since all I have to say is yeppers, Rufus is hotness.

Emily said...

I am a huge fan myself and I agree, Rufus is so hot!

Amazing Grace was great, he played a good guy in that!

In The Illusionist he plays a bad guy, Crown Prince Leopold, and he is great!

Nikki said...

ohhhhhhhhh soooo HOT *drools*