Friday, February 22, 2008

NO Soup for you

The dh and I are hooked on Applebee's tomato basil soup. Since last night was icy and dreary we decided we must have a bowl immediately so we jumped in the car and headed down to Applebee's.

Only to be told the soup is only served during lunch. We pleaded and begged. No soup. So we ordered our next favorite things. The pick three combo with junior cheeseburgers, wings and the three cheese asiago dip with ciabatta wedges. Yummy.

Waitress comes back. No three chees asiago dip. What? I love that. So now I'm not only not getting my soup, I'm not getting my favorite appetizer.

um-kay. So give us some cheese sticks and can we have a side salad? Waitress carries out two salads that I swear were entire heads of lettuce in humongous bowls as big as platters. I looked at the dh and said, I'm checking the bill coz I'm not paying for this. Dh makes face and says I don't have any dressing. Waitress apologizes and says we're looking for dressing.

He ordered vinegar and oil. Hmmm, I take two bites, salad is awlful, ranch dressing is sour and my appetite is slowly fading away. Waitress comes back and says somewhat timidly. We're out of that salad dressing.


We left and went to IHOP. Scrambled eggs and toast and hash browns. Yummy.

I still want some soup though. Although I might have to find another Applebees to eat it in.

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