Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines Surprise

A couple of weeks ago my husband told me to be ready to go at 5:00 on Valentine's Day and that the rest was a surprise. Since I love surprises I said okay and didn't think anymore beyond that since we've been together several years and he knows what I like. Yesterday we're leave and I immediately know that we're on our way to our friends house. As we come in from one direction a big white stretch limo is arriving from the other. Squeee. I go into the house where the two other wives have been told to stay.

"Do you know where we're going?"
"Nop, but there's a big limo out there that's taking us."
"Nooo way." They look out the window and bust into laughter.

The limo has champagne and the works. Our husbands played mysterious the entire hour trip. We finally arrived at a winery where we were greeted with dinner, dancing and roses. We ate and laughed and danced and had a most wonderful time.

Well done guys!

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