Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Football junkie

In the past few years I've gotten hooked on the NFL. At first I just loved it because it was great background noise for my Sunday afternoon nap. But now I'm really getting into it. I loved watching the Carolina Panthers not win this year. I also followed the Patriots, the Giants and the Colts. Tom Brady is just plain hot and what's not to love about the Manning brothers?

Okay, so I admit it. It's not the NFL. It's the hot quarterbacks that get me. I won't even get into their tight pants. I just love seeing good looking guys getting physical on the field.

But I am following teams. College and Pro. Wake Forest had a dream season this year and could anyone besides those people in FL predict the blow-out last night in the BCS national championship?

And what about Tony Roma flubbing his dream seaon with a fumble. That hurt to even watch it.

So bring on the Superbowl. I am so there for every minute of it. Especially if the Colts or the Patriots make it!

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