Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rising Wind

A new year and a new book. Rising Wind will be released in August and I'm already excited about it.

Let me introduce you to Connor Duncan, the first Duncan to come to the colonies. The year is 1774 and the country is on the verge of Revolution. But first they have to fight the Indians on the western frontier of the Ohio River. And the dreaded and savage Shawnee have taken the love of Connor's life, Carrie Murray.

Last of the Duncans

Leaving behind the Highlands for the New World at the tender age of ten, Connor Duncan learned quickly that only the fit and the fortunate survive. He was both, becoming a scout and an expert marksman…a man to be reckoned with. He knew his way through the backwoods as well as any Shawnee, but he was far less comfortable in the drawing rooms of Williamsburg. What was a rough-hewn frontiersman like he to do with a sheltered beauty like the governor’s niece? But there seemed to be no way to avoid the “Virgin Widow,” especially when she insisted on accompanying him on a dangerous mission through the wilderness to Fort Savannah. Neither capture, nor torture, nor the violent birth pangs of a young nation could keep them apart or stop the founding of a brand new dynasty of Duncans.

I hope you are as excited about this story as I am.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's going to be great!

Anonymous said...

What a great cover, and the blurb sounds so compelling! Can't wait to read this one.

Anonymous said...

Great cover! Congrats!!!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Looks like a fun one!