Thursday, December 22, 2005

enjoying life

Even though I'm under a horrible deadline which involves knitting instead of writing I have been taking the time to enjoy the spirit of the season. I had a last minute run to the mall yesterday, hey I had to go, I had coupons and the traffic was horrible. But it also gave me more time to listen to my Amy Grant Christmas CD.

We're having our gift exchange with the family's we hang out with and I did all my prep work yesterday so today won't be so stressed. We know it's probably the last time we'll get to hang out with Gib, who will probably be a professional baseball player come June. We want to enjoy just being with him tonight since we've all been such a part of each others lives since he and Drew were in kindergarten.

It's amazing how many old and lost friends have shown up through the holidays. I guess as the kids grow up they realize who and what was important in their lives. It also makes us grownups realize how old we are getting.

Yet no matter how old we get on the outside(something I'm fighting tooth and nail) the feeling is always the same on the inside.

Now if I could just find a few spare hours to watch my favortie Christmas movie, White Christmas life would be perfect!

But I'll take it as it is. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Sonja said...

White Christmas is one of my favorites too. I might have to get that one out tonight. Of course, That Guy I Married makes gag noises every time they break into song, which is a lot. Hmm.