Thursday, December 01, 2005

The most wonderful time of the year

Went Christmas shopping yesterday. A five hour blitz which is a long time for me. But I kept at it because I knew the crowds would get worse. I also got most everything I was after.

Even found myself humming carols as I shopped.

Today I decided to do paper work and try to get back into the writing. I usually spend my swim time going over my story line. It's really easy to get into the story because swimming is a very solitary exersise. No distractions. I kept hearing something strange while my head was under the water. So right in the middle of the pool I popped my head up...

And found the entire water arobics class singing Christmas carols while they exersised. Winter Wonderland, Rudolph, Silver Bells, all acoompanied me while I did my laps.

It really put me in the mood.

Falalalala everyone!

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Sonja said...

Haha, that's so cute. :-)