Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Obsessing Orlando nominated.

The reveiwers at Romantic Times have nominated Obsessing Orlando for one of the top books for 2005 in the Young Adult category. I am thrilled at the recognition and also excited for my dear friend Mari Mancusi who was also nominated in the same category with her YA book Sk8terBoy.

This is not a contest that writers can enter. It's a great honor to be chosen. The winners will be announced in June.


karadawn said...

Congratulations! I have not read this book, but I am a big fan of your Wind series. I'll pick "Obsessing Orlando" up. Hope you do well in the contest, and I am egarly awaiting the release of Zane's book!


Sonja said...

Congrats again. :-) (I know I already said it on the loop, but it never hurts to hear it more than once. Heehee.)

Love the cover on your sidebar! Too awesome!