Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Beach Reads

I had set some books aside, just saving them for the lazy days at the beach. Of course I was most excited about the New Harry Potter. The timing was perfect and since JK Rowling seems to be doing okay without my help I'll just say that it was great.

My second book was Pawley's Island by Dorthea Benton Frank. If you are familiar with the coast of South Carolina you need to give her a read. Her books are full of current references and alive with the history of the region. The night before I started it I had dinner at a restaurant, Franks, that she mentions and I have family that lives in Debordeiu pronounced debbydoo in gullah speak so it was a fun read for me and very entertaining. She's an auto buy for me.

Nice Girls Finish First by Alesia Holliday was the best for last. A story of a nice girl and a mean girl, who help each other even out their personalities both at work and in their personal lives. I really got into the story and loved seeing how these women matured and empowered themselves. I read it in a day.

Also for something just plain fun, try Dream Guy by Candy Halliday. Just when I thought she was going over the top with purple prose she pulled out the non stop laughs with a lot of sass and innuendo.

Back to the writing world and watching my TBR pile grow again.

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