Thursday, September 01, 2005

Book Signings

Some of you I have met in person and signed copies of your books. Most of you I haven't so I thought I'd share something about my book signings. I sign each copy of my Wind series with a scripture. These scriptures have each had an influence in my life and in each story.

For Chase The Wind and Wind Of The Wolf (originally one book) I use I Chronicles, 9-10 which you may recognize as the Prayer of Jabez. I was using this devotional while waiting to hear about my submission of Chase The Wind to Dorchester Publishing. I also use this scripture at the end of Wind Of The Wolf when Chase realizes that he is blessed. I guess we're lucky that he didn't name Chance Jabez instead.

For Crosswinds, I use Phillipians 4-6. To sum up, let your prayers be known to God. This was the advice Jenny gave to Cat when she was beside herself with worry for Ty.

For Windfall I use II Corinthians 5-17. All things old are new again. Kind of a life lesson for Jake.I'm still searching for one for Forgive The Wind. I'll know it when I see it.The biggest problem I have now is when I'm signing lots of books I lose track and don't match the scriptures to the books. But hopefully it all comes out even in the end.

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