Thursday, September 01, 2005


I try to exercise. I actually enjoy it and love how it makes me feel during the day. I'm fairly muscular under all my...fluff. HOWEVER...I've been having motivational problems. Actually I think I need to have my motivator fixed because its not motivating me to do much of anything lately.Oops, guess I was rambling. Anyway, exercise. I love to swim. My idea of perfection would be a pool that I could fall into from my bed every morning and just start swimming those laps. See, that's the hard part, getting to the pool. Once I'm there it's not problem, its the getting there thats holding me up.So after the cruise and the tour I figured I'd better get back to the Y and do my swimming. I'd missed about three weeks. Boy had things changed. The pool, that I usually have to myself except for the water aerobics ladies was packed. Three lanes all full. Luckily someone was leaving just as I walked in so I claimed it in a hurry. Then a man asked if he could share.Now I am generally an unselfish person. BUT...I swim the back stroke. I freestyle down and back stroke back. That's my routine. It works out the entire body. I can't change it. And you can't share a lane when you backstroke. You just need all the room to move your arms. So I said, "um, sorry, I back stroke." And the man agreed that it would be difficult to share so he moved to the really wide lane to swim freestyle.So I'm in the pool and in my routine and thinking about the wip(work in progress) I really get great ideas while swimming because I'm in my own universe. No distractions, just me and the deep blue sea.Crash. Someone was in my lane. And I plowed into them while backstroking. You think they would have told me they were jumping in. I mean that's the only polite thing to do. So now I have this really sore arm from whacking some strange guy in the head while reaching back. And the guy never said a word, just kept right on swimming while I floundered around in the deep end wondering what the heck just happened. I'm really bummed out about it. I need my swimming time. I need to exercise. And I'm using this as an excuse...But tomorrow I'm going back. If I can just find that lever on my bed that dumps me into the pool

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