Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pedicures and other addictions

I admit it. I'm a pedi junkie. Every two weeks I take a break from my every day grind and sit in that marvelous chair while my feet are given the TLC that they deserve by Mandy, the sweet young miracle worker that I'd been going to for a few years(or ever since I realized that I was addicted)At my last pedi before the cruise Mandy shocked me by saying that she was leaving. She was quite upset and had put off telling me since I was one of her fav's(Did I mention I'm a great tipper?) She had found greener pastures, a great paying job as an executive assistant to one of her customers. Now why didn't I think of that? I buried my depression by having a pedi on the cruise. That way I knew I'd have an extra week to find a new place. My gf Debbie suggested I go to her favorite day spa and since I'd heard a lot of chatter about the place I went.Big mistake. I was in the hands of Pedzilla. While the chair was lovely to sit in the woman who had hold of my feet was determined to scrub every inch of skin off of them. What happened to the nice massage? Where's the soothing lotion? None of that here with Pedzilla. It's file city while she told me how much her back hurt from her urinary tract infection and whoever had done my feet in the past didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. Thank goodness the razors have been outlawed or she would have done that too! Excuse me Pedzilla. Those callouses on my big toes are there from my special Friday the 13th on sale shoes(see blog) It took me a long time to earn those. I walked out of there with raw spots, which developed into scabs and then my entire foot peeled skin. Yep, real attractive. It's better now. The only problem is...I need a pedicure. I wonder if Mandy is available?

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