Sunday, September 25, 2005

Kassy Tayler

My next release is Obsessing Orlando by Kassy Tayler. My pen name came from my friends daughter's names, Kassy and Tayler. Actually I consider them to be my friends too. They are giving me an inside look at what it's like to be a teenager today. And I get to experience the joys of having daughters, without any of the headaches.

Some of the experiences Jenna has in Obsessing Orlando come from things that happened to Kassy and Tayler. Kassy has two older brothers. Need I say more? Watch for blogs concerning Kassy's love life and her brother's reaction to it.

The quote in the book "I can't breathe" came directly from Kassy and Tayler critiqued the story while I was writing it so they both were a big part of bringing Obsessing Orlando to life.

At the present time I have two more KT proposals in front of editors. I really enjoy writing these stories so I hope I get the opportunity to write them.

And in the pic that's Kassy on the left and Tayler on the right.

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Sonja said...

What a great little backstory. :-)