Thursday, September 01, 2005

Shopping with my son

My oldest son is graduating from college next Sat. cum laude I think. He has really good grades so its one of those honors. I guess I'll find out next Sat.

Anyway he's already pursuing job interviews and looking at real estate and trying to decide where he wants to live. He knows how to go after what he wants. Because we're so proud of him we're taking him on a cruise to the western caribbean.

And because my mother is so proud of him she took him shopping yesterday. Josh took us to South Point mall which is where the rich and beautiful shop. I'm so glad I wore a skirt instead of my jeans.

Have I mentioned that my son is gorgeous by the way? Model gorgeous. He really should be one and I'm tempted to enter him in the cover model contest at RT. So here he is in the dressing room of Banana Republic trying on linen pants and tropical T-shirts and showing us the combo's and looking extremely hot. So hot that the girls that were working the store kept making trips back to check him out. Evey time he came out he looked devastatingly handsome. One time he came out in a pair of jeans and a white shirt unbuttoned revealing his buff chest and I was wondering if I should include a bat on the cruise to beat the women off of him. it got kind of ridiculous after a while. I mean no one has the right to look that good in everything they try on. We finally said stop, no more. It was a good thing too, the bill was $800.00.

Can you tell I'm proud of my son? I have every right to be. I'm also scared for him. His entire life is before him with all the responsibilities and the fears that all of us faced when we take the first leap off the edge into the unknown of making a living.

On the other hand, I'm counting the days until I don't have to pay his car insurance, his gas, his cell phone, his xm radio, his health insurance...I guess you get the picture.

I have another son. He's a sophomore in college. He needs a shave and a haircut....

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