Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Help! I've been infected by a virus. I can't do anything now without being attacked by popups! It's all Josh's fault. They've been coming through the outlook express. We've bought stuff to stop them but they still sneak in. I even had computer lock down during a very important communication with my agent.

So I am officially telling the pop up people NO! I do not want marijuana legalized. I do not want a care bare screen saver. I do not want to buy, try or cry over anything that you suggest. I want you to leave me alone so I can write my books and read my emails.

And because you are so annonying I will make it a special point to avoid your products. Do you honestly think that this stuff works? Are you so desperate to get rid of your plasma TV that you have to annoy me while I'm trying to work?

Here's an idea. Just send me your plasma TV and I'll forgive you for pestering me. Yeah, I like that idea. Now if I could just figure out how to do a reverse popup so we could work out the details.

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