Thursday, September 01, 2005

Brain Dead

Yes I am brain dead. But can you blame me? We do have Josh's graduation this weekend. And then the cruise to celebrate. I'm keeping track of all the little details, the packing, the washing, the ironing, the shopping. Do the boys have their spending money?(so I don't have to pay for their stuff). Will Cody be okay without me for a week. (I will miss him the most)

We have a house sitter. I have to get all the phone numbers together for her. I have to show her how to work the dvd player and which remote works for each thing (digital cable) What if the power goes out and I miss recording the finale for Lost and American Idol. Which show should I record, Everwood, which is my favorite, or 24 which is Rob's. They both come on at the same time.

Lots of nitpicky little details that are boggling my brain. My head hurts. I need chocolate.

But one week from today I will be in Jamaica. Hopefully I will have had a massage by then, and a facial. I won't have a care in the world. I will look at the happy faces of my family and realize that all the deadlines and the creative process has given us a fantastic reward.

I worked hard for this vacation. Josh worked hard for it too. We deserve it.

I hope my VCR works while I'm gone.

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