Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Big Brothers

I always wanted a big brother. Being an only child and moving a lot made me kind of lonely so I dreamed of having a big brother who would protect me and also have hunky friends that hung around the house a lot.

But now I see what a pain big brothers can be. My friend Kassy has two. Her oldest is in college but the next one is just one year older than her.

He's also threatened every one of this friends that if they even look at his sister he will kill them. Really.

Which makes it kind of hard for Kassy to find a date. It's not like she has any trouble attracting guys, it's just that they are all so terrified of Wes that they stay far far away from her. The guy that asked her to prom last year asked Wes's permission first. Of course he said no but Kassy went anyway. Wes didn't. However he did show up at the Prom party afterwards and tell her it was time to go home.

Brothers. Got to love them. It's nice to know that they'll be there if you need them. And sometimes they're even there when you don't.

I gave Jenna a brother in Obsessing Orlando. And yep, he's protective. Kind of like Wes. But if the feelings are there, they will find a way to triumph. Even if the brother is a giant pain.

And just so you know Wes, I love you just as much as I love Kassy! But will you lighten up a little? The guy she's dating now is great. I'd like to see him stick around for a while.

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