Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Just back from a week at Ocean Isle NC. The family goes every year. My parents, my sons, my Aunt and Uncle, my cousins and their children. We rent a big ocean front house and sit on the beach. Everyone takes turns cooking every night. We work puzzles and play card games. The kids love to play spoons which is a rowdy card game. Lots of screaming and laughing involved.

I love spending the week with what I call my nieces and nephews, since I don't have any brothers and sisters. Beth Ann is the oldest. She's thirteen and so breathtakingly beautiful that it makes my heart hurt just to look at her. She's a fantastic athlete and has more poise and grace that I will ever posses. Next is her brother Tyler who is an absolute hoot. You can just see the mischief in his eyes. He is on the verge of a growth spurt. I predict he'll stand well over 6 feet by the time he's done. Then comes Austin. He's the quiet, sensitive one. Always worried about everyone's feelings. Then we have Rachel. She's six and a dancer. We watched her recitals on dvd. She's way better than everyone else her age, and that's not just because she's related to me. Next comes Patrick. We call him Patch. At six years old he can throw a baseball better than most little leaguers. Of course he likes to make up his own rules when we play ball on the beach. We never let him get away with that.

On the last day we built a replica of Helm's deep on the beach. Complete with mountains. I also read Harry Potter which I'd been saving. It was a nice week but now it's time to get back to work.

I hate deadlines!

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