Monday, September 19, 2005


Goodbyes are hard. Yesterday was our pastors last day at our church. After nine and a half years he received a call that he needed to answer, which left his congregation heart broken.

We've watched his children grow up. I had particularly become attached to his daughter Mary who will be 16 in October. Mary and I had a lot in common. Mostly Orlando Bloom and Harry Potter. And since I live in a house full of men who think I'm slightly weird I could not wait to get to church on Sunday so Mary and I could talk about the latest HP or about what Orlando was up too lately. We even went to see the last HP movie together since no one in my family would go. Guess I'll have to go alone this time. Mary has a boyfriend now. One who looks remarkably like Daniel Radcliffe. Go Mary!

Anyway, I hugged her and I cried. I really am going to miss her. But I know I'll see her again. And when I do, we'll have a lot to talk about.

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PKMary said...

If I had KNOWN you had a blog I would've been on here annoying you ages ago woman! ^^ It's Mary, for good measure. (I don't want you thinking you've got a stalker. That's only cool for five seconds, and then... It's just not.) I was on your site last night when I was procrastinating studying for my English exam, and I noticed you had one of these... I've got a billion, so I joined again, and now... I'm here.
Anyways, this post made me kind of sad (I've been thinking about Rural Hall a lot lately, especially today) but I figured it was a good place to start posting comments.