Thursday, September 01, 2005

Marc Blucas

Dear Marc,

I think you're hot. And it's not as if I've recently discovered you. You see I've been a member of the Marc Blucas fan club since you played basketball at Wake Forest. You know those individual pictures that Lynn Heflin had framed and hung in the basketball office? I did those. When I saw yours I said "hottie" and then followed your career. I even got your autograph. Of course if was on a newspaper with Randolph Childress on the front but hey, it was your autograph.

I even watched you play in the recent Wake Forest Alumni game. Took your picture. I waited for you to come out of the locker room so I could meet you in person but somehow I missed you. By the way, number 34 for Wake is a good friend of ours. He said he met you in study hall and you were really nice.

You're the one that made me a Buffy fan. I was flipping channels one day and said, "hey, that's Marc!" I had to watch. Then there were your movies. You did really well. Then came First Daughter. Big sigh. You were awesome. So heroic. So noble. I want a sequel.

The real reason I'm writing you is because I want you to play Ian. If Chase The Wind ever gets made into a movie, then you're my guy. I think you can to it. I believe in you. And after all, I've seen your death scenes so I know you can pull that off. So start working on your Scottish accent. Hallmark is looking at the book.

Your fan

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