Thursday, September 01, 2005

Friday the 13th

I should have known the way this day started that it was Friday the 13th. Not that I ever pay much attention to stuff like this but I over slept and then the disasters started.

First of all I felt terrible,I think I caught my husbands cold. Then an order I'd been waiting on to deliver to a meeting two hours away was late. I got a letter from the oral surgeon saying that our insurance wouldn't cover my son's bill. Before eleven a.m. my day had gone pretty much down hill.I had to run to the mall to pick something up. I prayed the entire way. Lord, don't let me get a ticket. Lord, don't let me have a wreck...I just knew the way my day was going that disaster awaited.

Then I walked into Belks. And as I walked by the shoe department, I noticed...That the shoes I wanted desperately to wear to Josh's graduation but wouldn't buy because they cost $85.00 were on sale. Not only that but I had a coupon for an extra percentage off. Would they have my size?..........................................

YES!Isn't if funny how a little thing like buying shoes...on sale...can really make your day? It sure made mine. Not only that but my youngest son reported in with his final grades from college and he wound up with a B in a class that he was flunking at the beginning of the year. I'm really grateful for that piece of great news.

But I really really love my new shoes!

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