Thursday, September 01, 2005


We just got back from a mini vacation. 10 states, 2000 miles, five days. The fil turned ninety last Wednesday and we drove up to CT for his birthday and then spent Thursday on Cape Cod. We have a friend who is pitching in the Cape Cod league so we took him to lunch then explored until game time that night.I was ready for something picturesque, quaint and charming. I never realized it was so wooded up there. We drove down into Woodshole which was a nice waterfront village but there was on place to park. We moved on into Falmouth and wanted to stop but the traffic was horrible and once again, no place to park.Yep, that's what I remember from Cape Cod. Traffic, EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE drivers, liquor stores and Dunkin Donuts. Maybe you need to be on a sugar high and drunk to handle the traffic. From Falmouth to Harwich on route 28 it was nothing but one big traffic jam without regard to stop signs or right aways. I guess living in the south has spoiled me.Then we hit Chatam. Wow. What a wonderful place to spend the afternoon. Unfortunately we only had an hour so we did a quick jog through the town and checked out some of the shops. I wish I had a week to spend there, exploring, riding bikes, walking the shore, and just breathing the air.Definitely going back. The ball game was wonderful too. Gib pitched great and had scouts looking at him. We were so proud of him and happy for him. Of course I had to give his mom an inning by inning update on the cell. I wonder if I could stow away with them when they go up to see him play. If only I didn't have this deadline...

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