Thursday, September 01, 2005

Romantic Times Convention

I am just back from St. Louis and the Romantic Times Convention. Romantic Times is a magazine that supports the romance writers industry by advertising books and posting reviews. Every year they have a conference that features, different publishers, workshops about the craft and a great cover model contest featuring lots of adorable hunks. There is also a huge signing with over 250 authors that goes on for four hours. I had a great time since everyone was talking about Stargazer.

The best part however was getting to meet my on line friends in person. It's funny how you can build a relationship with someone without ever seeing their face and when you get together it's great fun. Hanging out with other writers is a blast because they understand your world, your joys and your frustrations.So allow me to recommend some new authors to you.

If you like chick lit then check out Alesia Holiday,Marianne Mancusi and Liz Maverick.

If you like paranormal then try Marjorie Liu, Susan Squires and of course, Christine Feehan.

If you want to try something really sexy (r-rated) then try Jade Lee.

If you want to read something written by real life heroes then read Susan Grant and Cindy Dees. These women were military pilots before they became writers.

For a fantasy try Joy Nash.

I'm proud to say these women are all my friends and also fantastic writers.They have also inspired me to blog more. So check back again in a few days to see if I can.

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